Obstacontrol is an obstacle run game where you are in control of the obstacles, or are you....?

Avoid the obstacles and reach the end.

A game by Elzinga Games - Alexander Elzinga

WASD / Arrow keys   to move
Escape - Pause/Menu
Space - Jump
F - Interact
R - Respawn (if needed)

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Models by Synty Studios
Big red button by Jarlan Perez (https://poly.google.com/view/fgDXtV5sIGY)

A game by Elzinga Games - Alexander Elzinga


ObstaControl_GMTK2020Jam_ElzingaGames_v0.12.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

There is also a Windows build (download below)

To play:

  • Unpack the zip file
  • Run the .exe

Development log


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I like the concept. The controls are a little slow to react. The game could use some particles like when you die or land on the ground. I like seeing viking stuff laid around in a ‘futuristic’ environment. In the second (moving platforms) stage you can land at the very edge of the platform and then you can’t jump again.

I think with some fixes it could be a better game, quite a relaxing game (but stressful at the same time). The music is also good and subtle.

Had a great time joining my first GMTK game jam. This was my second game jam, although this one was as a solo dev.

Next time I will definitely join a team.

Let me know what you thought of my “small” game!

The game looks pretty good. but the controls are kinda meh.  overall i think the game could have been alot more fun if the controls were a bit better. 7/10

Thanks for playing my game! Also thanks for the feedback :)

Tbh I thought the control were SUPPOSED to be slippery. Like, that was how you were "out of control". Haha! It reminded me of Celeste for some reason. I agree tho, the controls could use work. Like maybe make the platform larger, or up the friction. Idk it's your game not mines. Or at least make it clear that the slipperiness is part of gimmick. Yeah, I'd also give it a 7/10. I enjoyed it tho, I like games that force me to learn it's mechanics. Like the last level where I had to jump up the vertically moving platforms, I liked that it forced me to learn WHEN to jump: you have to jump to a platform that's falling, not rising. So yeah, good job!